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Molo Umberto I, Portofino
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi
Cesare Charter Portofino - Servizi tour, transfer e charter marittimi


Being born and raised in the village of Portofino is a privilege but, at the same time, it is also a responsibility.

We want to share the natural beauties of our surroundings with our guests while guaranteeing sustainable activities which respect the charm, the history, and the traditions of these unique places such as the Gulf Paradiso, the Gulf of Tigullio, San Fruttuoso Bay, the Cinque Terre district, and the nearby Porto Venere and Palmaria Island.

For these reasons and thanks to our twenty years' experience in charter and maritime assistance, we are able to offer and organize different sailing services which let you discover some of the most beautiful corners in the world in complete freedom and safety.

Our Tours

The organization of daily sailboat tours is one of Cesare Charter Portofino's main services.
Thanks to the knowledge and consolidated experience in the area, our crew can propose and recommend three different tours for you to admire the magnificent and breathtaking uniqueness of this charming district from a different point of view.

Our tours will carry you to the Cinque Terre National Park (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore), and to the coastline between the Gulf Paradiso and the Gulf of Tigullio with enchanting villages such as Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo and Sestri Levante. 
We will also happily and eagerly unveil our beloved Portofino and the enchanting scenery of San Fruttuoso Bay, where you can visit its peculiar Abbey and the famous Christ of the Abyss, or we will sail ahead of the Gulf of Poets to explore Porto Venere and Palmaria Island.

The details listed in our tour itineraries have been carefully selected by our staff according to their knowledge and experience in this field. Should you require specific changes in terms of timetable or stops to be made, our team will be delighted to assist you and ready to fully accommodate your requests whenever possible.

Our guests' happiness is one of our priorities and we can offer an additional service to meet your needs and enhance your experience of sailboat tours with us.
We are completely available to reach you and depart from any port of your choice between the towns of La Spezia and Genoa to start your day with a fantastic sailing experience.
You will be free to use our services without necessarily having to come to Portofino to start the tour at the agreed time.

Enjoy the experience on our boats in complete relaxation, free from any stress, and immerse yourself in the beauties local nature has to offer.

Tour to the Two Gulfs

Cesare Charter Portofino - Tour San Fruttuoso, Gulf Tigullio, Gulf Paradiso

The tour to the Two Gulfs owes its name to the privileged position of the Portofino promontory with respect to the Gulf of Tigullio – to which it belongs and constitutes the extreme western cape – and the nearby Gulf Paradiso which extends from Bogliasco to Camogli.

The tour will reach several points of interest relevant for short excursions or refreshment breaks, as well as excellent marine areas where to stop and swim in tranquility or snorkel in unique natural contexts, admiring the beauties of the underwater world.

By choosing this tour you will have the opportunity to discover many of the villages from the Two Gulfs and the Portofino Park, unveiling the beauties, traditions, and even the tastes of our local cuisine.

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Tour to Cinque Terre

Cesare Charter Portofino - Cinque terre tour

The Cinque Terre – recognized in 1997 by the Unesco Mankind's World Heritage – is one of the most characteristic scenarios of the Ligurian Riviera and of Italy.

We will sail along the coast to discover the Cinque Terre National Park and the enchanting villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. Each of these breathtaking locations is unique.
Every village can be easily recognised for its different conformation, natural position in the local landscape, and distinctive personality.

Whilst sailing towards our destination, we might stop off for a relaxing swim or a surprising snorkeling session to discover the underwater environment. This marine area is indeed characterized by different seabeds and several species of flora and fauna.

By choosing to explore the Cinque Terre with us, you will have the opportunity to admire one of the most appreciated scenarios worldwide in a unique way.
Discover the peculiar corners and enjoy the traditional cuisine of these marvelous places which have always served as a beautiful background for selfies and pictures, but have also been recently chosen as a background for the story of the upcoming Disney Pixar cartoon, Luca.

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Tour to Porto Venere and Palmaria Island

Cesare Charter Portofino - Tour Porto Venere and Palmaria Island

The tour to Porto Venere and Palmaria Island is a sailing experience in the western part of the Gulf of Poets of La Spezia. The homonymous localities will be visited during the tour.

You will discover this corner of our region surrounded by lush nature, natural coves such as the Blue Cave and the Byron Grotto as well as historical monuments such as the Doria Castle. UNESCO listed the Gulf of La Spezia as a "World Heritage Site" in 1997.

By choosing this tour, you will have the opportunity to experience a day of serenity with moments of leisure on land.

Relax aboard and explore the sea.
Go ashore for local wine and food tasting.
Enjoy a stroll through the streets of the town and walk up the promontory to be amazed by a breathtaking view of the magnificent surroundings.

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Our cruise service offers two different options as a valid alternative to the broader experiences provided in one of our tours. Our mini cruises have been designed to better enjoy two special moments that the summer period offers with its colors and atmospheres: the sunset and the evening.

Chase the last sunbeams of the day as the sun disappears along the horizon, painting the sky in a multitude of warm nuances.
Sail under a sky full of stars and dine at exclusive restaurants which are accessible only by boat.

Both escapes are characterized by that romantic and magical trait that will make your experience unforgettable.

Aperitif Cruise

Cesare Charter Portofino - Sunset Cruise

The Aperitif Cruise departs from the Portofino pier around 6.30 p.m..
You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the promontory of Portofino Park as we sail along the coastline towards San Fruttuoso Bay.
Once in San Fruttuoso Bay, it will be possible to stop for a swim or to admire the statue of Christ of the Abyss, in a completely relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The cruise will resume in the direction of Punta Chiappa and Camogli to enjoy the last rays of sunshine while enjoying an excellent glass of Champagne accompanied by our typical Ligurian focaccia.
Live a magical and unique experience!

Dinner Cruise

Cesare Charter Portofino - Dinner cruise

The Dinner Cruise departs from the Portofino pier around 7.30 p.m., and then sails towards San Fruttuoso Bay while the sun slowly sets on the horizon.
Toast with a glass of Prosecco carefully selected by our staff as our skipper takes the helm to the restaurant.
Dinner will be served at an exclusive restaurant specialised in traditional and local cuisine (catch of the day dishes included), and located in the area between San Fruttuoso Bay and Punta Chiappa. The restaurant will be booked by our staff based on the availability and possibilities of the period.
The starry sky on a summer night will pamper you on the way back to Portofino and will make the whole experience even more unforgettable.

Other Services

In addition to tour and cruise plans which are typically intended to occupy large moments of the day, we also provide other services designed to satisfy charter needs that require prompt and fast action or are requested at different times of the day. Our offer to these demands includes dinghies, transfers, or private boat service to/from Genoa.
Each of these services will be performed in full agreement with you. Thanks to our long experience, our crew will be able to support you and guide you in the planning to structure a service that best suits both your needs and other external conditions.

Boat Transfer

Cesare Charter Portofino - Transfer service

Boat service to/from all the main towns of the Gulf of Tigullio (Rapallo, Santa Margherita, Sestri Levante) as well as to the splendid San Fruttuoso Bay and the nearby small town of Camogli. Possibility to book this service for one hour only or for the whole day.


Cesare Charter Portofino - Special Genova

Boat service to and from the city of Genoa.
Visit the Aquarium and stroll roll in enchanting places such as the ancient port. Lose yourself in the typical narrow alleys or attend one of the many events held in such an international prestigious location.


Cesare Charter Portofino

Transfer to and from yachts moored in Portofino bay.
Utmost discretion guaranteed.
Perfect for those guests who need short, easy, and fast transfers from their boat to the surrounding towns for walks or shopping.


Luca: Pixar and the Cinque Terre

Luca, cartoon Disney Pixar at Cinque Terre

Luca is the first Pixar film set in Italy, signed by Enrico Casarosa, the Genoese storyboarder of Cars, Ratatouille, Coco, Up. Luca will be released in theaters in June 2021.
Enrico Casarosa is famous for having directed the short "La Luna" in 2011 and was nominated for an Oscar. With his first feature film, Enrico tells a story inspired by his childhood spent in Liguria many years ago.

Luca can therefore be considered as an alter ego of the director. He is a little boy who enjoys his summer in the Cinque Terre. Luca spends his days among local old men playing scopa (a major Italian card game) and new encounters, intending to live a holiday made of freedom and adventure. Then, one day, he meets a child – Alberto – who soon becomes his new best friend.

All the fun is jeopardized by a deep secret: it turns out that this new friend is a sea creature from a world located just below the surface of the water.
Enrico, who is Genoese by birth but has been living in the United States for thirty years, said about his work:

This is a deeply personal story, not only because it is set in the Italian Riviera where I grew up, but because the celebration of friendship is the core part of this film. Childhood friendships often set the course of who we want to become and those bonds are at the centre of Luca's story.
Thus, in addition to the beauty and charm of the Italian sea, our film will tell an unforgettable summer adventure that will radically change Luca

Casarosa goes on to describe the Cinque Terre area as: “A world that lies between the land and the sea. The perfect world".

Although the Cinque Terre needs no introductions due to its natural charm, we are sure that this tribute from Pixar and Enrico Casarosa will give further stimulus for all those forms of sustainable tourism that will be possible to resume once the present global emergency is solved. In fact, promoting and supporting sustainable tourism is the key not to distort this small Italian paradise that we have the honor (and the responsibility) to safeguard and that the whole world envies us.

Source: Interview by Angelo Carotenuto on the cover of "Venerdì" - February 19, 2021. Read the full article here (available in Italian only).

About Us
Established in 1997 in Portofino, Cesare Charter Portofino accompanies tourists on the deep discovery of our splendid district while enjoying its surrounding beauties to the fullest. Come aboard and explore with us charming places such as the Gulf of Tigullio, the Gulf Paradiso, Cinque Terre district, Porto Venere and Palmaria Island. The strong and tight bond between our crew and Portofino is what makes our service unique and truly local. Both our legal and operational offices are located in Portofino. Our boats are docked near the Molo Umberto I. All our skippers are from Portofino and their families have been local residents for generations.

Molo Umberto I - Portofino (GE) 16034 - Italia

Giovanni +39 342 14 15 161

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